by Star   Jul 4, 2020

You are the silence that drapes over my soul,
but you brought me no serenity just uncertainty.
A painful and torturing truth slowly sipping my
sanity, like you're the calm before the storm.

You mask yourself with jokes and songs, offer
me a dance as a celebration of being young.
With you there is no crashing just landing on
my feet, counting the times life had been sweet.

Your pages greet me with a smile, so gracious
yet curious of what's on my mind. Your empty
spaces steal my thoughts, and this heart feels
heavy though there is nothing to hold.

*written for Noura’s contest.
Something really different from my style. I used Journal as a metaphor for trauma and insecurities.


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  • 10 months ago

    by Daniel

    I had no idea this poem was yours. This poem actually received my vote. I'll copy the comment in I sent to Noura!

    This poem's flow, slant rhyme and cadence are almost flawless. I found the simplicity and lyricism complimented the subject matter, and the final line was crushing. There was something childlike and naïve about it, as a persona is discovering pain for the first time. Well written!

    • 10 months ago

      by Star

      It’s not my style at all, but given the meaning I wanted to convey I thought it would be fitting :)
      Thank you!!!