Letting Go Of The Old, Accepting The New

by Glenn G   Aug 3, 2020

A husband and wife
Wasting their life
She goes to bed at 7
Wakes at 5
They barely know the other is alive

He goes to bed at 11
Wakes at 8
Many days it's too late
She's already sedated
And sound asleep again
He's left feeling hated
From his wife, who was his friend

She awakens before bed
Asks to lean on him
But his loneliness and anger
Has taken up the room
Anger is like a fire
It consumes the valuables
Leaving the rubble
The two who once fell in love
Now living in a bubble

Times have not always been easy
She once suffered a trauma
Loss of memory
What's 2+2
Looked at him and said, "Who are you!"
Those who are tested by fire
Fight and recover
Come back grateful to be alive
Stronger and tougher

Those who give in to self-pity
Never heal completely
Sorrow takes over their joy
They find a reason to withdraw
Seeking something to dull the pain
They sit and watch the sadness rain
Soon a year is gone, two, six, eight, ten
Where's my husband, my kids, my friends

She can't just wake up and be the person she once was
She feel's people looking at her
Knowing she's not the same wife
Not the same mother and daughter

Feeling sorry for herself
Is not the life she wanted
She can't be the person she once was
She knows deep down she is still loved by others
If only she knew how to let go of who she was and love who she is


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