The Appetizer

by Sai   Aug 16, 2020

This year began
with a poetic yawn.

An inevitable pause.

A hush
that fell over our lives
like the shadow
of a massive creature
that has yet to be named.

Life knows
our weaknesses.
We are here
for the storms.
We are here
for the shipwrecks.

were handmade for us.

The flood is meant
to wash our dreams away.
Hold my hand and
we'll chase after them.

We'll watch our dreams
circle down the drain.

Then you'll drive me
back home
where it's safe and dry.

And before you leave,
you'll look back at me
with a smile that says,

we're watching
the world being created

a second time around.


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  • 1 month ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    Chills with that ending line! It's fantastic to see a new piece from you. SO many thoughts on this... it not only flowed beautifully, but also read kind of calming, and like you had personally (or are in the midst of) making peace with the ways of the world. How it's affecting so many lives.

    Creative tie to the title, and definitely a hint and push that there IS more to this. I like the sentiment of the last few lines, instead of it being a "the world is ending" notion, it's a creation. A new way of life.

    There's also a sense of surrender in this piece, that natural disasters and tragedies are inevitable, and though we cannot affect them, or know and be able to foretell the other hardships in the world, we'll somehow survive. In particular, your wording of "we are here for" and "meant" and "handmade" make me think we will weather all of this. As history shows us the atrocities in the world and each generation attests to that. But there's new life. Humankind will still exist. And even if it's just you and this person and your reassurance with them, that will get you through, knowing you have each other.

    Looking forward to hearing more from you!

    • 3 weeks ago

      by Sai

      Thank you!

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