it's far past midnight

by Poet on the Piano   Aug 28, 2020

and i'm leaning against
a rusted Chevy truck,
humidity sticking to all
the parts of me i never
want to show.

moonlight plays tag
with the trees,
the leaves running like
waves and I reach for
another cigarette, but
not before staring
at the molten rock
perched between my
fingertips - its searing
pulse and angry face
remind me of you.

the wind nudges my
hair then pulls it
in every direction;
i am momentarily
blinded, and as i
angle my body away,
i almost extinguish
the cigarette on my

i almost do, but don't.


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  • 2 months ago

    by hiraeth

    It's like you poured amber on a moment in time to preserve it forever, it's beautifully written! I'm out of nominations, but I hope someone comes to the trscue.

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