Just visiting

by Michael   Sep 9, 2020

I return
once again,

where I can close the windows in my eyes,
and open the airwaves to my foundation;

within a few deep breaths,
I am a fledgling beneath your wings;
although you never treat me like a child
but, just allow me to keep a light on
while in the dark,
where head games don’t exist

when I speak, your ears are in no rush
and mine are soothed, when you talk

I share my shrouded youth;
of how I was under the influence of belief,
those chosen to protect
and watch over me; like angels,
only to see them scrubbing the sins from their feathers,
where wolves howled in the tongues of sheep

how I felt so alone; loveless; like
an orphan of nature, where my petals wilted,
before they had time to bloom;
where trees talked among themselves
and the wind passed me by as if I wasn’t there

but with your help, I emerge from under
your wing and rise above

I relish the feeling of when, my eyes open and
the sky becomes clearer in my mind,
where the stars write messages with clarity

I start to learn about the moon,
of how it lives in a world of its own,
and always shares secrets
with the sea.


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