by Michael   Sep 22, 2020

a heart..

is occupied with a vacancy;
where a specific piece is
missing a part that is required
to complete a picture

it matters not of size;
but its value

the significance
of its shape is so
imperative; crucial for survival

a segment that must
fit with sheer perfection
in a natural way, without
manipulation or force

but this piece has a
place within its own,
in a smaller picture
that is also missing and must be whole
for the bigger picture to achieve its
full potential


It reminds me of the world I live in;
a world that Is made
up of segments; like that
of a jigsaw puzzle

where pieces are joined together by
continents, countries, cities,
towns and villages,
and connected by oceans, seas, and land
where beauty and wonderment
are pieces within itself

apart from one


..that jigsaw is the heart
of mother nature, and
the missing piece is
the integral love of


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