When empty

by Everlasting   Oct 19, 2020

When empty
it means there’s nothing


and when there’s nada
it means there’s something with sufficient space
that you can fill up

so, when I feel empty
i listen to music. I do chores. When I’m done,
I look at blank pages
then I write down my thoughts
as if the music I listened to
was some type of gasoline
and I were some kind of car
that’s being fueled up


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  • 6 months ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    This reminded me of all the ways we try to "fill" the emptiness inside. We want something fulfilling, something satisfying, something that will maybe distract us from a bit. Just anything other than confronting the nothingness. Or maybe we're content with the emptiness for a bit, until we realize we need something, something to keep us going and give us a sense of purpose, however fleeting. Love the line about the fuel, too!

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