Blue Lives Matter

by Mark Spencer   Oct 29, 2020

Have you ever stood all alone
In the presence of hate?
Against a world that seeks your blood,
Abandoned to your fate?

Have you ever feared for your life,
No matter what you choose?
To kill or die, what choice have you,
When either way you lose?

Have you ever seen a body,
That’s been dredged from a lake?
Or helped dig one from the rubble
Of a killer earthquake?

Have you seen the aftermath of
A murder suicide?
Or had to tell a mother that
Her only daughter died?

Have you tried to resuscitate
An infant who was caught,
In the crossfire of gangsters who
Didn’t care who they shot?

And have you cried yourself to sleep
For seeing things so grim?
Is this job something you would like
To do instead of them?

If someone walked up to your car,
And shot you through the glass,
Then people blocked the ER door
And gathered there en masse,

Would you feel appreciated
For everything you do?
Would you rush to a location
If someone needed you?

Perhaps it’s best you’re not the one
Who suits up every week!
The fear and the uncertainty
Was never for the meek!

If every day could be your last,
Why risk your life and limb?
Why stand against the violence,
When love’s light grows so dim?

Is it worth the scars you suffer,
A soul that can’t find peace?
While those you’re sworn to serve campaign
To defund the police?

Well I, for one, appreciate
The service you provide!
When I speak of blue lives matter,
I say those words with pride!

So from the bottom of my heart,
Thank you for what you do!
I’m speaking for a multitude
Of souls who still love you!


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Latest Comments

  • 2 months ago

    by Ben Pickard

    Thia is a tough one and obviously hugely controversial. There is obviously a problem within the force to some degree - almost certainly starting at the top and thus working its way down through the ranks, right from training and how to deal with all people equally from day one. Too many times, that clearly is not happening. However, I entirely agree with you that the police force is made up of people who are very often extraordinarily brave in an often thankless job. Collectively, the system needs work, but the collective is made up of good, decent individuals too who have only ever wanted to help, I am sure.
    A brave write, and quite right for feeling free to speak your mind in such a politically correct time.