The Prophet And The Preacher

by Mark Spencer   Oct 30, 2020

Brother Thomas was a preacher
Who knew the scriptures well.
He asked people to follow him,
And he'd save them from Hell.

One night while he was working late,
A man entered the church.
Brother Tom thought He was homeless,
Or on some kind of search.

Tom asked the man into the church,
As a smile lit his face.
If it’s salvation that you seek,
You've come to the right place.

This is God’s own Holy temple,
And I minister his word.
If you put your soul in my hands,
It will soar like a bird!

Those questions you've been burdened with,
Will prove a simple task.
I hold degrees in all of this,
You only have to ask.

But the man just starred right through him,
And then began to pray.
He said: "did I hear correctly,
In what I heard you say?"

"You have called this temple Holy,
Yet only God is so.
And only Jesus understands,
The things you claim to know."

"Those degrees you proudly brandish
Were earned in schools of man.
But the heart was our Lord's classroom,
Since man's journey began."

"You claim to know what is the truth,
While pushing God aside.
And those, with whom you disagree,
You censor or deride."

"To follow the road to Heaven
A soul must walk alone.
How can you say you know my way,
When you don't know your own?"

Brother Thomas became angry,
Demanding that He leave.
You cannot come into my house
Intending to deceive!

"As you wish" proclaimed the stranger,
"You've asked me to depart.
But don't forget what I have said,
Let it grow in your heart."

And when He turned to waved goodbye,
Tom spied the stranger's hands.
He saw the scars, and heard Him say;
"Your Father understands."


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