The Library

by Mark Spencer   Oct 30, 2020

I don't know how it happened,
There's no explanation;
It was to be a routine
Bypass operation.

But my heart couldn't take it;
I know the doctors tried
Desperately to bring me back
The moment that I died.

But I found myself floating,
Drifting farther away;
I wouldn’t have expected
My life to end this way.

I was drawn toward a light,
Gentle and assuring.
The sound of its haunting call
Seemed strangely alluring.

But after I had entered,
I found myself alone.
In the most peculiar place
That I have ever known.

I was in a library,
It was gloomy and cold;
Many books adorned the walls,
Some were new, others old.

The books were dedicated
To chapters from my life.
Each paragraph exposed me
And cut me like a knife.

There were volumes related
To selfish transgressions.
Printed on those pages were
My darkest confessions.

Then I came across a book
That shared my righteous acts;
With only fifteen pages
Devoted to those facts.

Though I should have turned away,
I couldn’t help but look.
In all of the library,
This was the smallest book.

Accounts of my trespasses
Were scattered all around;
If I only had a match,
I’d burn it to the ground.

This library distressed me,
With all the books therein.
A convicting expose,
Of a life filled with sin!

I tried to find an exit,
A way out of this place,
But there was no escaping
The truth of my disgrace.

And that was when I saw Him,
Like a star burning bright;
I feared I might be blinded
By His angelic light.

He took a book from the shelf
And then started to read.
I asked Him not to view it,
Then I began to plead.

But He kept right on reading
Tears flowing from His eyes;
Until He'd read every book,
Then each one, He revised.

Everywhere my name appeared;
He changed it to His own,
I said; Lord, I am guilty,
These sins are mine alone.

He said, "This is why I died,
And why I had to live.
I will wipe away your guilt.
Your sins, I will forgive."

Then He smiled and embraced me
And I knew it was true.
He said, "Come and see the place
That I've prepared for you."


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