Speak (I won't)

by Poet on the Piano   Nov 19, 2020

Why bother speaking
when you question all I've said?

Staying together for your kids
prolonged my misery
as I struggled to sleep,
feared waking up,
and heard your shouts even
when nobody was home.

I prayed for divorce
like I'd been starving for truth,
hungry for anyone else's life.

Though you said
we'd be nothing without you,
we could have made it.

(I know we would have made it).


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  • 7 months ago

    by Mr. Darcy

    I remember growing up, hearing my mother and father shouting and fighting. We were children who were seen and not heard. Many children are discouraged to have a voice. Their childhood stolen in a household of fear and secrets. I'd pray for any parents other than mine, that or death.
    It turned out death was the release when I was 15. Funny how faith works.

    Take care.

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