Days of Yore

by Dark Lord   Dec 17, 2020

How I long for the days of yore,
Before my time, many centuries before.

A time of respect, duty and valor,
When the love of a woman was the highest honor.

A time of chivalry, knights and kings,
When the battles were over, and the bard sings.

The wars were fought, for freedom of their land,
As the battle drew to end, and victory was at hand.

The victors, they stand proud,
As their chants echo loud.

The cries of triumph fills the air,
They tend to the fallen with brotherly care.

I feel as though, I have been there before,
I remember the battles, and the sounds of war.

I know in my heart, that I once lived there,
I carry that honor, I feel the need to share.

To show others a better way of life,
To show respect, and not any strife.

I live my life, with honor and duty,
Always looking at the inside beauty.

Never judging for what has been done,
But seeing things, as battles won.

The past is what makes us, who we are today,
It makes us stronger, and that it’s all okay.

I see the good in all mankind,
These are the ties that bind.



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  • 3 years ago

    by Mr. Darcy

    Welcome back!!!
    Honour and duty seems to be slipping away. Were these two commodities only bred into those born before 1990?? Sometimes I think so, especially when I see how some children/ teenagers treat their elders. I worry that if they show no honour or duty to their children how will our future generations survive? I know this paints a dark picture, but I do worry.
    Maybe our hope is that future generations will learn from poems like this?

    Nice to see a poem of nicely laid out rhyming couplets.

    Take care.

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