by Kate   Jan 11, 2021

You pluck what you want from me like the petals of your favorite flower
Yet I do nothing to fight back, wishing to give you the very best pieces of me
You are like the burning sun, giving me warmth and light and feigned hope
Until I’m pushed over my limit and your rays turn my once thriving soul to ash
We are a toxic mixture, you and I, like too much heroin in the bloodstream
Or an abundance of alcohol in the system when behind the wheel of a car
Destined to overdose, to crash, to spark into flames, to disintegrate
But you are always the pyromaniac while I am the object you set fire to
But I am not a phoenix, I am not reborn from the ashes you leave behind


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  • 3 months ago

    by Ben Pickard

    This is excellent, Kate, and very sad indeed.
    It's unfortunate that so much of what excites us in life is fuelled by unhealthy addictions to what ultimately do us more harm than good. 'Toxic' relationships sustained by excitement or 'heroin' too often leave one or both parties burnt out far too quickly.

    Take care and all the best,

    • 3 months ago

      by Kate

      Thank you so much, Ben!

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