stranded on a highway.

by Poet on the Piano   Jan 13, 2021

it feels impossible
to do more than this.
the energy has dissipated,
music fading from the
speakers until the low hum
is empty static that sits
and waits for my demise.

i can't remember how many
days it's been since i washed
the soot from my mind;
usually, the heat is welcoming,
but with the burning
comes a remembering
that is far more uncomfortable
than dirty laundry and
unsanctioned skin.

you should know better
before calling me a
wasted space.

i want more than this, i really do,
but how can i move forward
when all the tires are flat,
sleet covers every path,
and safety is a concept
i have to bargain for?

i'm tired of explaining.
i'm tired of you rearranging.

you can't change the
outcome by adding fuel,
by telling me to try
a little harder.

i've grown toxic from the
onslaught of fumes,
from fixing faulty gauges,
from cracked knuckles
and distant sirens.

so please,
don't blame me for
wanting to stay stuck.


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