A Little Broken

by Acacia   Feb 10, 2021

I'm an angel but that's not
Always what people see
My halo's kind of cracked
But that's who I'm meant to be

I may not be perfect
Yes, my body's full of scars
But maybe that's because
I tried to catch the stars

My wings may be broken
And my soul's a little dark
I've traveled many centuries
And on many journeys, I've embarked

I've walked through hell
But I didn't stay
I've mourned with souls
Who got lost along the way

People may look down on me
And tell me that I'm wrong
But just because I'm a little different
That doesn't mean I don't belong

There's not a person in the world
Who can tell me who to be
Because I'd rather be a little broken
If it meant I could be free


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