One Wishing Well for A Thousand Bajillion Wishes

by Sherry Caayupan   Feb 16, 2021

At the end of falling raindrops that mingled with my innocent mind,
At the end of each every rainfall lies a mystical rainbow;
Where there is a magical wishing well that binds,
Simple wishes with sparkling dreams and hopeful morrows;

One bronze penny goes into good old mystic wishing well,
One beggar in a splendid banquet for three granted or a silver spoon for a child's alms;
Those in need or in greed rings a bell,
A billion heaps of stakes in a mouthful of palms;

Into the well goes a silver penny and get another wish done,
A silvery tooth or a hat of gold of Queen Midas;
Her lovely charms made one wish at only once,
A trillion heaps of stakes grasped at long last;

A gold penny into this wishing well of magic,
There would lay a cozy mansion made of gold;
Or a bajillion bills of perfect green money,
A quadrillion heaps of stakes unceasingly sold;

A hefty bajillion for me, a bajillion for everyone in the blue yonder,
We would sail a galleon of ships to cruise;
One blue margarita for me and a lot for everyone in the town Rockefeller,
We'd be singing, as time flies, a nifty rhythm and blues;

As the statute clock turns, round and round it grins,
A happy rejoicing of these untold treasures will go on for eternity;
A thousand bajillion of glory and we live like throned kings and queens,
We'd be affluent forever and an everlasting faithfully.


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