Barren Soul

by Sherry Caayupan   Feb 16, 2021

Deep into this restless world,
Lies my faceless soul so guile;
Into the long lost abyss will it whirl,
Like a soul that's twisted and vile;

A barren dungeon is found within this heart,
It remained secluded in this lowly land;
This heart needed to break free from afar,
Away from such despicable hands;

I journey through countless hours,
Yet I stood here stoned;
One minute plays with me and devours,
Just moments, it seemed endless and goes;

A child at heart was I in this world,
Yet saddened of all the unending strife;
If I get weary, dry, and old,
I'd rather die and bid goodbye to life;

If there's one bit of hope I see in these hands,
I'd rekindle my day of christening;
A red rose would have turned wan,
The flame of life would be burning;

These days would begin at the ending,
Life starts when I feel the warmth;
Of a happy and glorious feeling,
I'd be wishing on a falling star;

Farewell to all life's ups and downs,
I'd stay the same as the wheels turn;
The curtain falls and I take a bow,
My eternal self will forever burn.


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