A Child's Touch

by Sherry Caayupan   Feb 23, 2021

Streaming along the hems are tiny hands of endless time..passing, flowing, journeying
Weary eyes see what music these touches her lonely soul, with every tear of joy
He can feel her heart beat for the debt of being loved
Sadness can't even pay this child's innocence, for his aching mind hungers

A single rose could prick her skin, yet little hands' folly could hurt more
Dreams of reality run through their veins, tomorrow's days are a wonder
Her feet can't keep off the ground, what happiness lingers in every moment
Playful thoughts dance along their garden of beauteous flowers

A heart with a home is found in this mother's arms
The hourglass stood guilty of her moving and loving presence
An unforgettable place renders under the sun..warm, dear, tender
Butterfly kisses afloat in the wind, they seem dainty with his catching lips..one, two, three

She found herself enlightened with this bantling's smile
A newfound glory shines through the night brightly..beckoning, enticing
Knocking through heaven's door as minutes go by
To unend won't be a pestilent crime within these two hearts

Destiny is lying in this child's silent words..so softly speaking
A paragon so sacred with her whole-hearted given prayer
Sleepful nights hum along so soundly..soothing and serene
Precious words through countless seconds remain strong

Her hands caress the small lines of his fragile body
Every bit of the taste of him recalled..now and forever remembered
A savour of this rekindled treasure kept overflowing
In this child's melodic touch.


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