by Penned Parodist   Mar 3, 2021

What we are was forged together
With open minds we grow forever

In a sandbox we played and started time
In the woods we explored and learned to climb
Adventures quickly change to tricks
In a basement we find new use for sticks

Sticks are whittled to paddles shared
Along a river deep together we dared
Dare to challenge what's fun or strong
Strength to fight for a world we belong

Adolescence tests the foundation built
Unspoken vows remove all guilt
Bonds strengthen thru the years
Despite a distance that should bring tears

Separation cannot diminish this bond
It will always be home when we correspond

Eager minds absorb the world
Empty hearts betray and scold
Alone we cherish our stories told
A special place of memories to behold

What we are is perpetually linked
Grateful for a friendship so distinct


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