by Penned Parodist   Nov 25, 2020

A tortured mind lies within
A tortured soul it’s only kin

The wicked thoughts come at night
Persistently focused on your plight
The voices screaming are not polite
As tired thoughts withstand the fight

To understand what hides beneath
Walk along the path of grief
Emotion no longer in its sheath
Emotions now brought to seeth

Climax brings no clarity
Derangement increases in severity
Off to a land of unfamiliarity
A blessing hidden in solidarity

A tortured mind sees its twin
A tortured soul knows true sin


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  • 3 years ago

    by Baby Rainbow

    Another relatable piece and I think you have captured very well how we trap ourselves inside this cycle of thoughts when we cannot sleep - and our mind goes into these places.

    You seem to have a talent for the rhyming stanzas which makes me remember my original work when I started - I am not sure it will come as easy as you make it look here!

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