I Sleep Well

by Penned Parodist   Feb 1, 2022

I sleep well, occasionally
Doing my best to prevent it
It brings upon dreams, painfully
Spinning the mind in knots well-knit

Familiar places altered in fashion
Familiar faces deepen the passion
Realistic embraces that can’t be ignored
Tightly clinging to keep things aboveboard

Slowly revealed, things aren’t as appeared
A left-handed clue senses what’s weird
What’s left in the mirror can’t be explained
A trick of observance forever stained

A presence lurks, it’s tainted this place
The kind of company you’d like to replace
An image appears from within the night
With confidence grown in absence of light

A chalk white face deep in the shadows
With jaundice red eyes all aglow
Its sight set on you with nowhere to hide
All your priorities fall to the wayside

You struggle to distinguish real and fake
In this hour you long to be awake
The light of day gives the allusion of sense
And for most of us the feelings are too intense

I sleep well, occasionally
I do my best to prevent it
Only then can you think, sacredly
Spinning the mind into a split


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