A Heart Filled With Love

by Walter   Apr 6, 2021

A tyre will sit on just air
As if there is nothing there
Inside the tube, it will hide
Just so you can drive or ride

And love sometimes resembles this
It might not be seen but still exists
And where ever our path will lead
My love for you is guaranteed

Though roses aren't always seen
Less chance of thorns in between
It doesn't mean that loves not there
But elevates us on just air

And so our journey is often smooth
But sometimes veering off the groove
Our path below becoming rough
On sticks and stones which only scuff

This is when our tyre's weak
Becoming fractured, it will leak
And love escapes with our despair
In a hiss releasing air

It takes time for this to mend
With our spare we both depend
Hoping it will stay intact
With no more left to take us back

Because with love, it's just the same
When taken care of, it remains
But when abused with rocks or sticks
Once the spare is used...It can't be fixed


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