Who Wants To Live Forever

by Mark Spencer   Apr 21, 2021

Life is filled with uncertainty
As dangers come and go
Tomorrow has not been promised
It isn’t ours to know

The only thing each soul can do
Is live as they see fit
You can choose to live in shackles
Or face your fate with grit

And this is what defines us all
Our weakness or our strength
Will we retreat or stand our ground
Six feet apart in length

And who wants to live forever
With masks upon their face
In a never ending cycle
Of bondage and disgrace

Will we choose to take our chances
Against the dragon’s rage
I’d rather try to slay the beast
Than live inside his cage

The coward seeks to save his life
And to the beast submits
I’d rather die with sword in hand
Than on a dragon’s spit

So let him sling his pestilence
His power is a fraud
The weapon that I wield was wrought
Upon the forge of God

And on that forge God shaped my faith
The armor that I wear
A testimony that reflects
The covenant we share

For faith and courage are the same
The tip of our Lord’s spear
But he who does not trust the Lord
Will face the end in fear

So what will be your destiny
Your tale is yet to tell
Will you defy the dragon’s might
Or follow him to hell


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Latest Comments

  • 3 weeks ago

    by Rog

    And who wants to live forever
    With masks upon their face

    I'm in, I mean I'm not wearing masks anymore and I will fall where I stand

  • 3 weeks ago

    by Keira Pickard

    I loved it all, but the last stanza really stood out! Brilliantly powerful