by Jack   May 5, 2021

One day at school a
New kid sat all alone.
I went over and sat
Like in a thrown.

He picked up his Sandwich
a took a big mouthful.
And chewed it and
Swallowed it like a bull.

He said he didn't want me
Here, and please go away.
But after all I couldn't
Have said okay.

I asked if there was
something making him dim.
But he did not say
Anything was bothering him.

I wanted to know what
Was keeping him down.
I wanted to know what
Was making him frown.

He won't say so I asked
Something new.
I asked if he would like
To see a kangaroo.

He said nothing at first
But then he mumbled.
Until his voice cut back
And he stumbled.

I knew why he didn't
Have any buddies.
Because he was always
Deep into his studies.

Most people would
Call him a nerd.
But I would say he
Is just not heard.

One day I sat
With him at lunch.
And we ate and ate
And started to munch.

He said that I was
His only friend.
But I could not

I never knew I
Was his best pal.
Well I never
Knew until now.

Because We only
Hung out once or twice.
And after all I was
Only trying to be nice.

But I liked it, helping
My new friend out.
I helped him overcome
His very rough doubt.

The next day we
Went to hang around.
And I was unaware
Of what I had found.

I had found a new friend
Who was really fun.
My new friend felt
Like a ray of the sun.
2021 Jack


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Latest Comments

  • 2 years ago

    by Keira Pickard

    Hmm . . . I might be overcomplicating things, but:
    It's almost like, at the end of the poem, you've fallen out with him, lost touch or something happened to him. I just found myself thinking of the phrase ' you don't know what you had until it's gone '. That sounds extremely dark! It might be as simple as you didn't know you were his friend until he said you were! It's just that I've fallen out with do many people that I deemed friends that this sort of rang true. That's the beauty of poetry - it's all down to your interpretation.
    I liked the rhymes and the title. The latter brings me back to the idea that you aren't really sure that he is your friend anymore, as it's questioning. Or maybe that's because you asked him to be your friend.
    Because I always have to see poems in a dark way, I think I'm going to invision it . . . Darkly. Haha
    Anyway, nice write :)

    • 2 years ago

      by Jack