Plane Of Death (Long)

by Jack   May 22, 2021

Plane Of Death


Little Mikey and his
Happy Mama Jane.
Got up on the
Mighty big plane.

They were existed to leave
Their small little town.
And also to get off
The hard rocky ground.

As the plane was starting
To roll down the runway.
The sky suddenly howled
and turned a dark gray.

Some of the plane riders
We're starting to worry.
But the pilot said they
Would get there in a hurry.

Loud thunder made all
The passengers scream.
And just at that moment the
Rest of the flight was extreme.

The wind slammed at
Them with a very hard blows
And just at that moment
All the passengers froze.

Half of the plane had
Suddenly went up in flames.
And moms were screaming
Their lost childrens names.

The plane started to go
into a downward spin.
And there chances of
Living grew very thin.

Jane promised that
Everything would be okay.
But she really didn't know
So she started to pray.

The plane was speeding
And falling to the dirt.
And the people knew
They all would be hurt.

“Crash!” Went the plane
As it hardly hit earth.
And all in a flash Mikey
Knew what life was worth.

His whole life went
Flash before his eyes.
But as he started to
Focus, he heard his Mama's cry.

“No Mama! You have
To, please pull through!”
But his Mama knew that
She would only last a few.

"Mikey," his Mama,
Could hardly get out.
"You'll be fine!" Mikey said,
But he had some doubt.

“Mikey I think it's
My time to go,”
But poor Mikey
Just kept saying “ Please, No!”

I won't and I know
I am going soon.
I'm not going to make
It to the afternoon.”

“Mikey I'm not going
To make it much longer.”
And after that Mikey's
Doubt just got stronger.

Young Mikey was never
Ever quite the same.
And he was just a shell
Of what he could have became.

And all the rest of
His life, he was sad.
He turned to a not
So great life, it was bad.

That is where the young
Boy cried and cried.
And also where his
Happy Mama sadly died.

The End

Jack 2021


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Latest Comments

  • 3 years ago

    by Mr. Darcy

    Such a sad story. Is there some truth in it? Although you end the poem with 'the end' it feels like Mikey's life will go on with his mother's love to guide him.

    • 3 years ago

      by Jack

      Thanks and none of this happened to me of a family member.

  • 3 years ago

    by Everlasting

    So sad. Nice narrative. Even though the poem was long, I wanted to read it till the end. Well done.

    • 3 years ago

      by Jack


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