Locked Up (Long)

by Jack   May 23, 2021

Locked Up
I've been is here
For several years.
And over this time
I've shed many tears.

I wish they believed me
About the stupid crime.
So I would never would
Have had to do the jail time.

I want to spend time
With my family instead.
But I might never and I
Don't know what lies ahead.

I am locked up in my
Small and filthy cell.
Until I hear the
Loud ringing bell.

Something is happening
But I can't see.
Until I see the hole in
The wall that is waiting for me.

One of my cellmates
Is calling me in.
But I dont want
To crawl within.

I yell I want to take my
consequences for my crime.
So I won't have to take
Anymore jail time.

But my cellmate just left
Without saying a word.
And after that moment there
Was nothing that I heard.

I end up getting pushed
Back into my small room.
I called it the awful
Dark room of doom.

I was put in bigger
Prisoner jail.
And I knew all I
Ever did was fail.

I had to get out of
This awful place.
I need to see the
Judge face to face.

I needed to go
To the court again.
If I stayed in here any
Longer I will no longer be men.

I screamed and yelled
Because the judge was not right.
And I never stopped for
Anything not even night.

They finally let me
Speak to the judge.
But he said he only had 5
Minutes, he was a grudge.

When I eventually got
To the gigantic court.
I got a loyer but
He had no support

I show my case
And then I proceed.
And after all of it the
Judge actually agreed.

He said how I was not
going to be in the same course.
And after all of it the
Judge had great remorse.

Now I get to see my
Family and friends.
And now hopefully the
Happiness will never end.
Jack 2021


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