You're In Luck:

by Scott Cole   Jul 7, 2021

I'm a lucky Dandelion
Thriving in the yard,
A grateful little fellow
Though life is hard.

So I have aspired
Since I'm blessed alive,
For you less fortunate
To see my nosedive.

So if you're feeling
Down on your luck,
And you do desire
To pass the buck.

Then seeketh me
Those jinxed or cursed,
Who doubt your ways
Could get worse.

Come risk a chance
What's the harm,
Have you heard not
First times a charm.

Taketh my hand
Behold my soul,
Hope is slimer
If I stay whole.

So whisper to me
In a breath of vapor,
Your secret wish
Or little favor.

As you do so
Set my spirit free,
Like a parachute
Upon the breeze.

If winds alloweth
Those tides to turn,
And reason leaves you
No heartburn.

Then faith be nimble
Faith be fit,
To fathom my endeavor
Lickity split.

Now all is well
If you bloweth my genes,
All the way
To smithereens.


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