The Perfect Pitch

by Marc Ortiz   Jul 14, 2021

Everything in music is a collection of sound frequencies,
Every note has its own unique vibration and colour.
Some people are blessed with perfect pitch,
And they can instantly tell if something is out of key.

Everything in this world emit their own unique frequency,
Is life’s purpose all about finding the relative pitch?
Are we supposed to find someone special,
Who will appreciate the same songs as us?

Does the universe help us tune in our destiny,
And show us subtle signs on what our future is.
Are some people just naturally good at something,
Or did they realise that is their calling in life?

Looking back in my life, I have done diverse things.
But how come my soul is still tone deaf?
My song is nearly finish and I wonder if,
I will ever find my relative pitch in life?

How about you? Have you found out
What frequency your soul sings?


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