by Larry Chamberlin   Jul 16, 2021

The cat walk was bad enough
but at least it gave me a secure visual
to walk upon, until the end!
Is this my end?
Why did I volunteer
to commit suicide?

With no security felt
From the harness
I stand teetering
seeming miles above
the tiny pond below -
surely my doom!
I feel locked in place
unable to leave
this difficult perch
yet unable to back away
to turn and run.

Suddenly I feel
the gentlest hand
press softly upon my back
and before I know it
the decision has been
made for me
as I sweep my arms
out into a swan dive.

The water surface swims
up to me - racing
and the thrill is
unbelievably real -
I stretch my fingers
the tips out-reaching
my grasp and barely
wet the tip on the surface
before being pulled
back nearly to the top
to bounce up and down
until the crane lands me
unscathed to the ground.


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