by Marc Ortiz   Jul 26, 2021

Everyone in this world only have one childhood,
So we have to make it special and memorable.
Mine was always staring at the calendar
and counting the days until I next see my parents.

On important events, I always envied my friends,
because their loved ones were there by their side.
Those times felt like I was run over by a stampede
And thrown in a pit full of needles.

Every year on my birthday it was always the same,
a cake in front of me, empty chairs and silence.
My favourite music growing up was the sound of telephone
And hearing it beep as my parents call.

They were never there to watch me grow up,
No one was there to help me mend my wounds.
My childhood felt like I was alone in a desert,
And I have to learn how to survive in the world.

Now that I am older and wiser I learned to look at it
In their perspective; I realised that It was harder for them.
Because they were separated from their partner
And did not see the childhood of their children.

They sacrificed not seeing my past,
So that they can see me smiling in my future.
And now that I am older I realised that,
They have indeed taught me the most important lesson.

Unconditional love exists and it is through the eyes
Of your parents.


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