Forgotten Foundation

by cassie hughes   Aug 4, 2021

Tucked beyond the back,
Unacknowledged and forgot,
A gem awaiting open minds
sits desolate and squat.

Dust dulled casement glass
hides a myriad bygone dreams,
A rusty door sings siren songs
to lure explorers in.

Spiders weave their webs
through the artifacts on show,
Uncaring for worn history
as silken traps they sow.

Darkened corners hide
Both adorned and simple goods,
The chattels of a time gone by
from local neighbourhoods.

Tucked beyond the back,
Where none now pay it mind,
The institution once so proud,
Dies slowly, fate resigned.


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  • 2 months ago

    by Star

    I love how the rhythm and rhyme in this carry the message!! Im sorry I didnt get to this earlier , deserves a nomination at least!