My Worth

by Sherry Caayupan   Oct 6, 2021

I've walked passed the places in my life,
I see people proving my worth;
What I am or where I've been,
Matter to their innermost self;
A worthy person I am,
And I'm off to find true happiness;
In the past, I've learned to love and love again,
What has been laid for me is something real;
Intangible in every way,
In every little thing that proved of its worth;
My life, my soul, my everything,
Seems to flicker in the past;
And find a better meaning to the future,
A soul searching for the reason of loving;
Walking through the meaning of my life,
I've walked every step in ever careful way,
To take heed of my beloved ones;
For the betterment of everything,
A greener pasture of hopeful life,
I will find a bright shining day;
To relish a precious dream,
Come what may.


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