by Kate   Nov 10, 2021

The historic charm of this old town calls to me
Buried in the hills just below Jefferson’s house
Buildings of old, of heavy brick and thick glass
Of colonial arches and stained-glass windows
How it cascades this town in shades of sepia
The world moves slower here, taking its time
As the sun sets right at five, a sleepy surprise
How the autumnal breeze and changing leaves
Beckon me deeper into their warm embrace
Despite the shiver of the cold on my spine
There’s a sense of comfort here like no other
Familiarity, drawing me in like moth to flame

But there’s pain in the shadows of the streets
Buried deep within the closed parts of my mind
Memories long forgotten, picking at their scab
Until the blood flows free from old wounds
They ignite anger, sadness, heartache, pain
That I’ve left untouched, unvisited for years
There’s an air of change in the blowing wind
This city is no longer what it used to be
It no longer holds the same place in my heart
But I desperately cling to its last thread
Not quite ready to say goodbye
Not quite sure I want to

Something always brings me back to you


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