First Kiss, Last Dance

by Walter   Nov 20, 2021

A boy and girl, met at school
Sat together during class
And friendship, began to bloom
With each second, that would pass

They never needed, other friends
Preferring their own bond
And always when, one would call
The other would respond

From primary through, high school
To the end of the year dance
Destined that these two, would pair
And never just by chance

Deciding on, what to wear
She, a red slinky dress
He, however, black and white
A red bowtie to impress

When she first, laid eyes on him
She had a look of doubt
That his white shirt, quite didn't match
And made her dress stand out

He told her not to worry
As he picked a red bow tie
And obviously they, were a match
To any passer-by

Sharing first, and last dance
Together the whole night
Their love no longer, could they hide
And finally they'd unite

While driving, home together
Now on a natural high
The last song had, them first kiss
And feeling both could fly

Visions of new lives, they'd share
Neither of them could wait
But even love, which is so pure
Would be, immune to fate

Their eyes one time, would both catch
Through traffic lights turned red
Side swiped by a speeding car
Which neither saw ahead

He absorbed all the brunt
The collision on his side
She managed to keep, both eyes open
To see him slowly die

And crying out, her last words
As she watched him bleed
Too quickly his shirt, turning red
Despite her desperate pleas

Now when her eyes, lay on him
Again he made them catch
But now for her, his shirt turned red
Just so they would match


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Latest Comments

  • 2 months ago

    by Meena Krish

    This is so heartbreaking to read..a young love born from young, made to last and with a snap of the finger it sees its end...touching write.

    • 2 months ago

      by Walter

      Thank you Meena for reading and for your comment :)

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