Sweat Dreams

by CJ Maleney   Jan 12, 2022

I say goodnight every single evening,
And I always say I love you,
These are simple words that I speak,
Yet every one is pure and true.

They do not quite convey,
What I truly feel and what is my head.
Not one fond of being vocal,
So I write it down instead.

I guess this makes me weak in ways,
For the words seldom escape my lips,
But never doubt my love of you,
As my life for you I'd give.

I'm always full of bravado and jest,
A true born joker it is true!
I think my lips would not curve into a smile.
If I never had found you.

I don't think the world can change me.
Perhaps a throw back from the past!
Sometimes think I dwell too much on things,

But my love for you holds fast.


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