Within a speck, dust and unfamiliar places

by Star   Jan 14, 2022

Flat surface, new faces, and unknown whereabouts.

A mind hovering over nothingness,
greeting mornings with dreams
to share conversations with the night,
it doesn’t change it wont.
It takes few steps to where I want to be,
but to me it seems centuries away.

Perhaps I’ll become a myth,
a tale of the dark
you’ll find me in books,
skip over my story one more triteness.
I found a place I did not belong to.

Take my words for granted I wont change.

For some reason my existence feels
like it’s fading away....
As if the time I stepped on
is slowly sliding under my feet,
and I’m gently losing balance.
Every image passing right before my eyes,
feels surreal.
Like with every second I’m dying… or living…

It doesn’t make sense
not within those words,
not in my head.

Flat surface, new faces and unknown whereabouts.
Where am I if not here?


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