Such A Pretty Doll.

by Paul Hirst   Jan 18, 2022

Mummy sits and stares fingers caressing the blonde hairs, caught like flies in a spider web of the Hello Kitty hairbrush on the bed.
Blue eyes turned to red through horror, fear and dread, one with a perpetual tic, once manicured nails bitten to the quick.
Favourite toys on the dusty shelves, teddies, lego dolls and elves.
Now sit mocking her in the gloom of this once bright happy room.
Its only 8am yet Daddies drinking once again because it used to dull the pain and soften all the blame.
Nowdays he's an empty shell wrapped up in his private hell, distracted at the Mall Sally see the smiling man with the pretty doll.
Daddy turns and calls her name but three lives will never be the same.
Now Sally lays cold and still deep down on the wooded hill, worms play amongst the hair of the many Sally's hidden there.
Each child sleeps with a pretty doll gifts from the smiling man from the Mall.
And as with a new still, cold friend he approaches
Sally has bright beetles for broaches.


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