The Illusion of Mortality

by Paul Hirst   Apr 29, 2019

Do we ever really die
Or is this just a fabled lie
Our thoughts may cease
And hearts blood stop
As quickly as a broken clock

But what about our DNA our being
Our essence Mother nature's clay
Bodies will die and putrify
Millennia just a blink of eye

The soil we feed and richly nourish
Where Grass and Flowers and Trees
Will flourish

The wiggly worm will have his fill
Before ending up in some birds bill
Who in turn will fly away to feed her
Chicks on our DNA

Little chicks grow and fly the nest
To come to rest on a hunters vest
Who then takes home his feathery prize
To feed his kids and his loving wife

This is death as how I see the joining of a new family
So dear friend do we ever die I guess we
Won't know untill we try


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  • 4 years ago

    by Brenda

    Paul, I liked this a lot. It gave me a lot to ponder and the cycle of life...