My love is poison

by Paul Hirst   Jan 5, 2020

Your small sharp intake of breath
The rapid beating of your heart
The look in your eyes delight or surprise
These are the things I remember about you the first time I put it inside you

You couldn't get enough after that first time begged me to do it again as often as we could
Laid down or stood either was good

Now one year on with your beauty gone I find it harder to do to satisfy you but your passions the same begging and whispering my name

But you needed too much and now your ice to my touch and fear rips through my heart imagining a new start

Some new partner to share my endless need not to care to shut out this world this reality
Push it far from me

Back onto the dark street hurrying to meet my saviour my knight who makes everything alright

Then back to our squat where you lay and rot the spoon over the candle this world I can't handle the sweet stab of pain as the heroine blankets my brain and I lay down next to you your cold arms thin as sticks dreaming of my next fix


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