by CJ Maleney   Feb 2, 2022

Though 25 years have flown by so fast!
They seem as fleeting as the bees.
You have made me feel as strong as God.
You have brought me to my knees.

You are my moon and stars.
You are the rising of my sun.
Though we are a little older now.
I sometimes think we've just begun.

There is always a little twist with you.
One to keep me upon my toes.
A little cuddle, kiss or something naughty,
Hence I just forget my woes.

It's taken sometime for me to adjust,
and just how to fathom this affection.
To retire within your arms,
without any thought, fear, or reflection.

Bravado is lost to the past now,
and you know you have all of me.
Words of anger or doubt I have left behind,
and I think I'm finally free.

I do not feel free like an eagle or bird.
Not free like a dolphin or a whale,
but free within this heart of man,
and I guess to tell my tales.

Never worry that I love you.
Never worry that I am lost.
Though sometimes I seem distant!
I will never again pay that cost.

I've risked it all before,
and it did tear my world apart
Yet if I could pull it out right now.

I would place into your hands this heart.


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  • 11 months ago

    by Ali Maleney

    You have my heart now and always will, forget about the past and look forward to the future
    Love you x x