by Everlasting   Jun 2, 2022

Shh… let me hear it.

the room is echoing my emotions.

it looks as if this room is as empty as i am,

but lord,

what is this sound?

is this the kind of sound one can breath in?

the kind that lets your ribs expand

then allows the diaphragm to relax?

Is this this kind of sound?

the kind one can touch with our minds?

and from this single touch


goosebumps throughout our skin

till we are left cold

as if we just witness a ghost?

Shhh… let me hear it

that sound…



there it is



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  • 2 months ago

    by BOB GALLO

    This is absolutely brilliant and poetical. And from your clumsy way of writing shows you did not even edit it. There is a sign of a true poet in this one, and lots more. I love how malleable your soul, your thoughts are dearest Luce.

    " the kind one can touch with our minds? " should be corrected.