by Everlasting   Jun 12, 2022

I want to think
though I think I think
but thinking about it
I think I do not think
like I think I should

may be…
thinking isn’t what I need to do
may be…
I just need to stop thinking
may be..
if I stop thinking
I might start thinking
without thinking …
I think


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  • 1 month ago

    by BOB GALLO

    That is exactly what it is Luce. In the beginning the poem was a little shaky and boring for me, then I learned it was absolutely necessary to deliver perfectly swinging message by imperfect jerking images that were tying to find their right place, to find their validity. Or in the other words deliver a perfectly delivered message by by the imperfection turning to perfection. ( haha I used your technic here a bit)
    It is like sorcery- chemistry, when the words mingle and crystallize in crystal clarity.
    And the message is meditation.