Life, then and now

by Glenn G   Jun 17, 2022

I just watched an eighty-year old man sing "You are the wind beneath my wings", for his deceased wife of sixty years. It was awesome.

I can't help but think how few relationship last for even sixty days.

This world is going in a much different direction since I was a boy.

Is it better?
You might think so, if you weren't born in 1959.

But all I see when I'm out in the world these days is hatred from people whose opinion differs, violence over money, drugs and turf wars. Most love comes in seven to sixty day commitments. Road rage over parking spots, "Political Stick Figures" who have to show up at the Capital twice a month to pick up their paycheck, teachers who teach Social Issues leaving our kids illiterate. Police assassinated while murderers and thugs get the back of their hands smack.

If this is the best the world will have from this point forward, I'm glad I don't have much longer to see it.

What a sad future


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