Mr. Crowley

by Mark Spencer   Jun 22, 2022

“Mr. Crowley, I bring some news!
The Winchester’s are dead!
Fellow hunters caught them napping,
And shot them in their bed!”

But I know how this story ends!
They’ll be resurrected!
“Mr. Crowley, how do you know?”
The boys are protected!

I think god wants them both alive.
You know, they’ve died before!
Those lumbering piles of flannel
Always come back for more!

And until god has his endgame,
I’m sure they’ll die again!
In fact, they may die twenty times,
Before the good guys win!

“Mr. Crowley, you are not good!”
But we’re pals. And that spends!
“But sir, you tortured both of them!”
I torture all my friends!

And torture is how I show love!
I’m like the boys brother!
“But don’t you hate your family?”
Not all! Just my Mother!

“But sir, isn’t she all you have?”
You just hit a sore spot!
One more word about my mother,
And I’ll give you a swat!

“Well sir, what about Castiel?”
He’s certainly an ass!
The boys think he’s their family!
They even call him Cass!

Go find out what that banging is!
Are we under attack?
“Your wish is my command, my lord!
And I shall be right back.”

“Mr. Crowley, the Winchesters!!!
They were making that noise!
They’ve somehow come back from the dead!!
Don’t kill meeeeee!!!” Hello boys.


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