Waged War

by Kate   Aug 23, 2022

Sometimes it’s apocalyptic.
I’m there, in the eye of the storm, momentarily,
Stuck between calm and surrounding chaos
Until its wrath is no longer containable,
Until I cannot avoid the shadows creeping in.
It is unleashed with incredible violence,
The air knocked out of my struggling lungs.
Desperately I search for roots to tether me,
To counter the reckless waves that break.
But I cannot fight a storm quite like this:
One that beats against my aching ribcage,
Blinds me with an overwhelming darkness.
Life feels fragile; one wrong move, I’ll break.
So I bury my head as the storm rages on,
Pained as two parts of my mind wage war
And all I can do is silently weep.


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  • 1 month ago

    by SilentWolf

    This is subtly addicting and a bit heartbreaking. On top of that, though, I feel that this is rather relatable. Well done.

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