Long before

by William Mae   Jun 12, 2020

Long before my time to live,
Before my thoughts were formed,
God set aside the very day,
When my soul would be born.

And I began as just a thought,
Predestined by Gods plan,
Come to live by his own breath,
Blood to flesh, bone to man.

At 10 am the time was marked,
On Sunday morn I cried,
Mother held me in her arms,
Through tears she softly sighed.

She seen her blessing in a boy,
She thanked God for his grace,
Her Angel hovering oh so high,
Read joy upon her face.

Quickly the years somehow passed,
Now my blessings live above,
For even though my mothers gone,
I still feel Mothers love.


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  • 1 year ago

    by Meena Krish

    This touches and will touch every mother's sentiments. The joy of conceiving a child, feel every movement and finally hold the child in the arms is a beautiful feeling! I really, really liked this and wanted to nominate but all my votes are finished :(

    Overall, the description of the feelings of both mother and child is well penned and even though our mothers aren't around their love/presence is always felt....take care