by Glenn G   Nov 19, 2022

I once found a sparrow,
It's wing broken and frail.
You could see it was still full of life as it chucked up it's tail.

It was a fragile and most beautiful little thing.
And, when the sun would come up
I could hear it, as it began to sing

I would go out of my way to go by it's nest,
Sometimes it would be lively, sometimes completely at rest.
Some mornings I'd take it bits of bread, sometimes it would be seeds.
In the evening, I'd whistle and it would start to sing.
Sometimes it would start to dance, I called it, "The dance of dreams".

One morning I awoke to a particularly quiet sound.
When I went by it's nest, no sparrow could found.
Did it get well and fly off,
To a place of more grandeur?
I hope it found a place where it's life can advance.
And me, I have times of joy and find myself dancing it's silly little dance.


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