by Poet on the Piano   Jan 28, 2023

You tell me nothing is safe, anymore.
At least, not fully safe.
But I don't want to be half-safe.

Don't I deserve more?

If I could lay in this place of
comfort forever, I would,
even if it meant sacrificing
the chances of expanding
my universe.

I am stuck with the
impossibility of a known future -
the fear keeps me captive,
hiding the reality that I
orchestrated this.

I wanted to be hidden.


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  • 1 month ago

    by Skyfire

    Ooo, I really like this one. I relate to it on a deep level.

  • 1 month ago

    by Star

    “I am stuck with the
    impossibility of a known future”

    These two lines!!!! Gives me chills.
    I know it changes the meaning but for some reason I keep reading it as stuck “within” the impossibility of a known future.

    I hope Im just reading too much into this, because what I feel from this is too much darkness that resonates.

    Take care :)

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