Justice (Senryu)

by BOB GALLO   May 10, 2023

While he asked mercy
for his wrong deeds, they hung him
for the wrongs he didn't.


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  • 8 months ago

    by Jojo

    My explanation is hazy to me too. Is not sovereignty a right to be what you are? If we are made of both light and dark/negative and positive energy than both have to express in balance to create beauty/life. Death is the result of imbalance, but it is also an illusion, death is just a more painful path to restoring balance. Out of death there will be rebirth. Balance will make the exchange from positive to negative more peaceful and profound. Because one can see the exchange when in balance. Fear is gone.

  • 11 months ago

    by Jojo

    We are the perfect balance of light and dark. Self-righteous behavior is denying your sovereignty. We can not be one-sided or the scale is tipped and people get pissed off intuitively at the injustice.

    There are the high ideals (Gods) above. The letter of the Law. Mercy/Justice.
    There are also the base instincts. Our bodies ( the Demons) below have a right to expression too. Without proper expression for both to have a voice the balance is off and creates dis-ease. Too good is boring. Too bad is horror.

    That is what I saw in your beautifully put words. He was punished for being self-righteous.

    • 11 months ago

      by BOB GALLO

      "Self-righteous behavior is denying your sovereignty."
      There are not much contrast between these two: "behavior" and "sovereignty" at least they are not paradoxical. But I understand somehow. Could you elaborate a little bit?

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