The Genus

by ddavidd   May 26, 2023

"I love you for all the women I have not known"
(Je t’aime) by Paul Éluard

I read your verses for all the verses I have never read.
I feel your presence
for all the presences I have never sensed,
out there, in the audience.

I dazzle you
for all the dazzles suffocated.
I celebrate your myth
for all the forgotten martyrs,
I burn in you, for all the
cold, concealed lanterns of love.
I spring in you for all the winters.
I brace your bridal blooms and blossoms
for all the senescences
pouring the winters white.

I look at your eyes
searching for human,
for collective consciousness of hearts.
I worship you for the God in you.

I see the faultlessness
in all the blemish shapes,
infinite love
in the finite man.
I see you in everything
I've ever seen
I've ever been,

I love you "forever"
in all the inadequacies of time.

You've been always with me,
within me,
beyond all the walls and fences of space,
in all the branches turning to spring,
all the hearts that palpitate the same love,
all the roses that the same bleeding heart,

all the white wings
that flutter
the same olive branch,

for all the mankind,
for the genus of heroes
the cavaliers
of the aurora's

I don’t see much poetry,
I see her imperfect in perfect rhymes,
though with no makeup
I see her in imperfect rhymes,
masoning the castle of perfect dreams,
on the pitches of imperfect world,
with the bricks of imperfect words,

I see
the fire you stole for mankind:
I see the Prometheus
in the chain of tongue,
link by link
word by word,

that only remembers himself
in poetry.


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  • 1 year ago

    by Meena Krish

    This is different, poetic and beautifully descriptive! I liked reading this :)

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